Water “Altaika” is mined in the foothills of the Altay Mountains - one of the most beautiful and energetically strong places on the Earth.

This is a place of unique beauty, where the gigantic mountains give way to the vast steppes, where the swift mountain rivers give way to the calm surface of the lakes, where nature itself is able to heal and restore strength to a man.


Artesian water “Altaika” is bottled directly on the source on modern automated equipment that meets international standards.

Water from the depths of an underground mountain source, passing through a comprehensive filtration system, bypassing intermediate tanks, enters a sealed plastic bottle and immediately goes to the consumer. That is why the water “Altaika” is the living water

Natural water


Among this pristine beauty the Sychevsk field of located.

The artesian water basin, located at a depth of 32 meters, is reliably protected from any external pollution by waterproof layers in pre-anthropogenic sediments. The geological exploration of the site space was carried out by the USSR Ministry of Medium Machinery, today it is the Ministry of Atomic Energy, and was conducted under the direction of the Threefold Hero of Socialist Labor, Ephim Slavsky.

Water is a life satellite

Chemical composition:

K +
Сl -
Са 2+
Mg 2+
So 2- 4

Artesian water “Altaika” is a natural water with a balanced composition and natural quality, having undergone only the most necessary degrees of purification. It enters the filling machine directly from the well, passing through fine filters, thoroughly cleaned of all mechanical impurities, the molecular chemical composition of the water remains unchanged.

Ecologically clean water

Natural artesian water “Altaika” includes oxygen and useful organic substances that have a beneficial effect on the circulatory, digestive and lymphatic systems of the human body, improves metabolism and, thus, cleanses the body of toxins and slags.

Artesian water “Altaika” is bottled in compliance with the Russian sanitary and epidemiological standards, meets the requirements of the Health and hygiene rules and standards, has a certificate of conformity according to Russian National Standard and a declaration of conformity of the Eurasian Economic Community (Eurasian conformity).

Benefits of artesian water

Recovers after stress

Lows the weight

Cleans the body

Strengthens the cardiovascular system

Strengthens the immune system

Improves skin and hair condition

Improves brain function

Prolongs youth

Current news

Meet the eater “Altaika” in a new unique bottle!

Currently, the rebranding of “Altaika”  bottle is held. The unique design of the oldest Altay ornaments on the bottle of “Altaika” water now also conveys the whole atmosphere and beauty of the Scythian-Altay cultural heritage.

Non-carbonated “Altaika”

Non-carbonated “Altaika”  water was awarded the Gold Medal at the XXIII International Professional Competition of Brewing Soft Drinks, MOSCOW-2018

Carbonated “Altaika” water

Carbonated “Altaika”  water was awarded the Gold Medal at the ALTAY-FEST “BEST DRINK OF THE YEAR” Competition. Altay region-2018

Non-carbonated “Altaika” water

Non-carbonated “Altaika”  water was awarded the Silver Medal at the ALTAY-FEST BEST DRINK OF THE YEAR Competition. Altay region -2018

Carbonated “Altaika” water

Carbonated “Altaika” water was awarded the Silver Medal at the XXIII International Professional Competition of Brewing Soft Drinks, MOSCOW-2018

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Feedbacks of “Altaika”

Zhulebin Daniel

Good water! And performed beautifully +

Nikolskiy Evgenii

Once tasted “Altaika”, now I choose only this water. Pleasant to the taste and I quench thirst with it, unlike the other ones. The only drawback is that it is not always available in stores (

Vakhneev Konstantin

Good price-quality ratio! Affordable price and nice to take in hands. I really like the taste! Thanks)

Sheremetova Lidiya

We like water “Altaika” very much and the main thing is that it is natural. In the kettle after boiling there is a mineral sediment, and this is a sign of unchanged natural composition.

Julia Makarova

Very tasty water! Our family drink only “Altaika”.


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